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  • Peace of mind
  • Worry-free operation
  • Daniel's presence
  • Escort service


Peace of mind

(Number of service: ≤30)

Because of labor costs, it becomes a burden to start a business; no one understands network and computer maintenance, which affects work efficiency; only 1.99 yuan can get a full-time network management IT operation and maintenance work.

元/人·天 ¥ 1.99 / person · day

  • Early start

  • No network management required

  • On call

  • Suitable for small and micro enterprises

Worry-free operation

(Number of services: ≤50)

Due to IT operation and maintenance issues, it is impossible to focus on core business; due to the poor network environment, reducing employee work efficiency; only 2.88 yuan can create a safe and worry-free office environment.

元/人·天 ¥ 2.88 / person · day

  • IT environment is complex

  • No full-time recruitment required

  • On call

  • Suitable for small development enterprises

Daniel's presence

(Served: Unlimited)

IT operation and maintenance personnel changes frequently and costs increase; IT operation and maintenance personnel's services are not good, and you want to change them; choose Daniel to truly enjoy BAT's strategic planning services.

元/人·月 ¥ 7999 / person · month

  • Interview at any time

  • No staff waiting

  • Free trial satisfaction sign

  • For developmental companies

Escort service

(Served: Unlimited)

IT service outsourcing guarantees the security operation of business platforms, cloud computing analysis and deployment, smart factory operation services, smart city operation services, business information risk management and compliance.

元/人·月起 ¥ 9500 / person / month

  • Optimize more complex IT environments

  • More high-quality engineers

  • Chinese and English meet business needs

  • For robust businesses


How Tongchuang Gemini shapes engineers again

  • Daniel selection

  • Daniel training

  • Daniel assessment

  • End of business

  • Hold a certificate

  • Study on the job


Customer Reviews

2019年12月4日 " December 4, 2019

IT Service Tickets 44157

8 hours IT failure resolution rate 86%

24-hour IT failure resolution rate 95%

Remote resolution rate 55%

2018 Tongchuang Twin IT Service Contract

Renewal rate 90%


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Gemini information

Free benefits on double eleventh ~ Free onsite maintenance for your IT equipment


For the Choshou Clan, the annual Double Eleven Carnival has again entered the countdown. The news from major e-commerce companies is: buy buy buy ~ Today we are going to make a different baby, without prepayment, There is no routine, we are free to do operation and maintenance. Are you ready? Services include: computer, telephone, network

see details


24-hour uninterrupted response to Gemini operation and maintenance services during the small holiday

The wind in July, the rain in August, the Mid-Autumn Festival in September, and finally the National Day of October is now ushered in! After counting, I will start a week's rhythm in the next three days. On the occasion of the National Day, Tongchuang Twins sincerely wish the partners and all employees good health, good luck, good work and happy holidays! Tongchuang Shuang



Professional IT outsourcing service provider Tongchuang Gemini can be called a free hard core benefit, I do n’t tell him

For many startups, this year has been a very difficult year. It seems heaven and hell, and change seems to take place. Especially for some small businesses, recruitment costs, labor costs, and office rents often become the last straw that overwhelms businesses. Desktop operation and maintenance as a marginal position of an enterprise,

  • Comprehensive wiring specification requirements

    Today, the editor of a professional IT outsourcing company will explain the requirements of comprehensive wiring specifications in detail. 1. All the lines in the equipment room must be neatly bundled, and the two ends of the line must be labeled properly. 2. All the wiring of the equipment room must be routed on the cabling racks in the equipment room. It is absolutely not allowed to randomly jump wires and jumpers in the equipment room.

  • How to do routine computer maintenance?

    For the normal operation of your office computer, maintenance is more important than repair. First, hardware: 1. Do not spill any liquid on the computer to avoid short circuit. 2. Pay attention to dust protection. Excessive dust will make the computer difficult to dissipate heat and cause the computer to run difficult. The thing to note is not to eat zeros next to the computer

  • Where can video conferencing be applied?

    Popular sayings are: reduce costs, increase productivity, make full use of resources, and make faster decisions. But these don't seem to give us a better understanding. What cost reduction, for example? The most basic function of a video conference is to hold a conference offsite, and realize the conference through the network. Reduce costs is reduce

  • Professional IT outsourcing companies explain in detail what are the benefits of using video conferencing?

    Video conferencing enables people in different places to interact with each other-whether they are a 10-minute walk or a 10-hour flight. It enables people to exchange ideas and information as if they were in the same room. This means that people do not have to spend their working time waiting for E-mail, fax or express delivery.

  • How to make a hard disk to decrypt PE?

    Group notebooks need to install sophos for hard disk encryption. When the system cannot be repaired, the system needs to be reinstalled. However, ordinary PEs cannot read the encrypted hard disks. You must use the specific image files provided by the group to make PEs. Decrypt. Using UltraI

  • A professional IT outsourcing company will explain the precautions of the computer room inspection

    Today, the editor of a professional IT outsourcing company explained the precautions of the computer room inspection in detail: 1. Record the model, serial number, and operating status of the switch in use, and the relevant information is recorded in real time on the registration form ("Inspection Record Form" ). Find hidden problems and report to the information center network maintainer in time

  • Printer repair tips and maintenance tips

    Today, the professional IT outsourcing company Xiaobian will explain in detail the printer repair skills and maintenance tips for everyone. Tips for printer maintenance 1. The printing effect is different from the preview. Generally, this happens in a text editor. Common words such as word or wps2000 are clearly formatted during preview.

  • Professional IT outsourcing company teaches you the principles of integrated wiring design

    Today, the editor of a professional IT outsourcing company will explain the principles of comprehensive wiring design in detail. Practicality-fully consider the specific situation and specific goals of the computer room, the communication wiring system after implementation will be able to adapt to the development of technology now and in the future, and realize data communication, voice communication, image communication

  • Professional IT outsourcing company to explain five common printer maintenance

    Today, Xiaobian, a professional IT outsourcing company, will explain in detail five common printer maintenance issues. With the continuous decline in the price of computer hardware, computers and peripherals (such as printers, scanners, etc.) have been widely used in offices and homes. Among all the peripherals, printers have a higher failure rate. In fact,

  • Enterprise IT Outsourcing Service Solution

    Based on our company's years of experience in comprehensive IT system services, the current situation is as follows: Generally, companies are equipped with a large number of computers, and the office is used very frequently. Today, there are many obstinate software bundled with various software, and the virus spreads severely, resulting in frequent computer system software and network failures.

  • Professional IT outsourcing service provider Tongchuang twin service commitment

    Tongchuang Twins is mainly engaged in computer repair and maintenance, network repair and maintenance, office equipment repair and maintenance, Apple computer repair, data recovery, IT outsourcing services, and companies that provide efficient and on-site service. Mainly engaged in high-quality multimedia equipment, system protection software, various computer hardware and software, network equipment,


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